My Glimpses of Heaven
by Cynthia Burke

About my readings: 

As far back as I can remember, I have had a keen interest in the subject  of  “life after death”. The need for answers, and knowledge on the subject became my number one  interest after the sudden death of my father, in August of 1996.

In 1996 my father passed  away  unexpectedly, it was a difficult time for me. Ironically, three  weeks to the day, prior to his death, he told of a visit by an Angel, who instructed him to get his affairs in order,  in three weeks they would return to guide him back to heaven.  Well, my father the Marine, you could say a tough guy,  was speaking to me about Angels and spirituality, it seemed totally out of character. I was respectful, listened,  but known to chug a few with the boys on occasion, I didn’t take it that seriously. That is until the conversation continued each time we met for the next few weeks. He provided more details about his visitation from the Angels and gave me very specific instructions for funeral arrangements.

 I admit to be in somewhat of a state of denial, until that dreadful day -  As he predicted. The events leading up to and including his passing has strengthened my beliefs in spirituality, quest for knowledge and commitment to help others.

I have had the pleasure of studying with several nationally known experts in the metaphysical field.

 My spiritual readings  focus on what  is currently going on in your life, through the use of Angel Cards: Frequently I am able provide information from loved ones who have passed on.  For each reading I ask the Angelic realm to give you whatever information is most needed in your life – I ask you to be open to all the information I provide for you, as some of it may become clearer to you several days after our session.  I look forward to meeting with you.