My Glimpses of Heaven
by Cynthia Burke

The Beginning: A Look Into The Hereafter

In 1996 my father passed  away  unexpectedly  from a heart attack.  His passing was very difficult for me as it would  naturally be for anyone losing a parent so unexpectedly and sudden. What seemed to magnify his passing for me was that exactly three weeks to the day prior to his death, he and I had a conversation in which he told me he was visited by an Angel who told him he needed to get his affairs in order as they would return in three weeks and guide him back to heaven.

My father was a Marine, a tough guy so it was totally out of his character to start a conversation with me about spirituality, and even further out of his realm, to start carrying on about Angels.  I was respectful, I listened,  but I didn’t take our conversation seriously.  My honest thought was, I  wasn’t sure what he had been drinking, but I thought it must have been some pretty powerful stuff!   Every week for the next three weeks when we would meet for our regular weekly dinner together, he would add more details about his visit from this Angel.

He passed away just as he was told by the Angel.  Exactly three weeks to the day.

This website is about a spiritual journey, my spiritual journey, and what has evolved during the more than twelve years since my fathers passing.  What I have learned I want to share with you; the heartache, the lessons, the strength, the growth, the mysteries in life, to a place I call Heaven.